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A new and exciting way to heat your home whilst spending less money! The Classic Infrared Heating Panel is a super-efficient infrared panel that can transform how you keep warm for the better. This panel is perfect for adding some extra warmth to your room without costing you as much as central heating.


With a premium FIR Coating surface, you know that you’re getting a quality product. This surface can reach a temperature of approximately 110˚C, but don’t worry, because these can be mounted well out of reach – high up on the wall, or even on the ceiling!


It’s IP54 rated, which means it can handle splashes of water quite comfortably. 


If you wish to ceiling mount your IR Panel, you will need to purchase a Suspension Kit alongside it. We advise leaving a gap of at least 5cm between the ceiling and panel once installed in order to ensure adequate airflow behind the heater.


This panel will come with a clear film on its front that needs to be peeled off before first use. If you use the heater before peeling the film off, the film may discolour and melt onto the surface of the heater.


300mm x 600mm x 22mm     -     180w

600mm x 600mm x 22mm     -     350w 

995mm x 595mm x 22mm      -     580w 

1195mm x 595mm x 22mm     -     700w 

1195mm x 795mm x 22mm     -     900w 

1195mm x 995mm x 22mm     -     1200w 


Classic Infrared Heating Panel

£114.33 Regular Price
£91.46Sale Price