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700mm x 160mm x 80mm  -  1200w 

958mm x 160mm x 70mm   -  2400w 


Finished in robust aluminium and is protected with an IP65 rating so it won’t be damaged by dust or any adverse weather conditions. 


Near IR heaters like this one are popular for outdoors as they achieve much higher temperatures. Closer to the red end of the spectrum, they are employed by many types of heater including patio heaters, health lamps and more.


Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can connect to the remote using the Smart Life app. It allows you to change the heating, turn the unit on/off and more from anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected.


Not only this, but you can virtually re-create your house and even add your family members so each person has access to controlling the heaters. 


Being fully remote controllable and simple to use, this heater is perfect mounted up high or further away from you.


With the IR signal remote inside the box, you have instant control over the temperature, time settings and smart heating. It also has a child lock feature in case your little one decides it is their new toy!


One great feature on the remote is the Body Sensor. Like a motion sensor, the heater will detect bodies moving and operate as long as it can sense movement. If it doesn’t detect anything for 2 minutes, it will switch off automatically for added efficiency.

Aurora Wi-Fi Remote Controllable Infrared Bar Heater

£207.92 Regular Price
£166.34Sale Price

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