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700 x 160 x 80mm     --     1200w 

985 x 160 x 70mm      --      2400w  


Recommended for a high-up installation, it is IP65 rated for protection against dust and all types of wet weather conditions. It will heat an area of roughly 15 – 18m² for an incredibly wide scope of heat.


There are two broadly known types of Infrared heat – Far and Near. The majority of our heaters, like our Panels and Mirrors, are Far Infrared but our Aurora range is Near IR.


Operating closer to the red end of the spectrum, Near IR heaters can be characterised by their orange glow of the filament when they are on. They are synonymous with outdoor heaters.


Emitting heat at much higher temperatures, they are perfect for bigger spaces that will require much more warmth. However, they are not limited to commercial use as you may assume. Near IR heat is used in homes and also in health lamps.

Aurora Infrared Bar Heater

£153.88 Regular Price
£130.34Sale Price